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Hello creative people,

I'm looking for someone who is willing to become the owner of this group.
I have not been active for a long time due to work and studies and no longer have enough time to keep up

If you are interested in becoming the manager of this group please send me a private message

Happy new year!

DDS Week #1

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 4, 2011, 3:06 AM
DDS (Daily Deviation Suggestions - Week #1)

Every weekend DesignSpot will pick its best featured submissions and suggest them for a Daily Deviation Award on deviantART, part of a program coordinated by gallery moderator Lilyas

Previous Winners / 2010

Printing industry firm website by floydworx by luqa

This week is the first for 2011, we will look through submissions accepted since 1st January and all members are welcome to suggest DDs.


• Suggest designs that were added since January 1st, 2011
• Do not suggest your own designs
• The suggested designs must be of high quality and exceptional
• You are allowed to suggest more than one design
• Write a comment of why the design should be suggested
• Designs and suggestions must be discussed on Facebook!…

Deadline: Saturday 8th of January, 2011

Submit Designs

Looking forward to seeing your suggestions!
Have questions? Don't be shy! We are here to help.
Follow us on twitter @DesignSpotGroup

Aziz Natour
Group Director


Duo to recent difficulties of submissions and high rate of expired requests, Today I have demoted all senior members who have been inactive for more than one month. Nobody was kicked, but inactive senior members are now regular members. If any previous senior member feels that it is unfair, please send me a PM with inactivity explanation and why you should be promoted again.

For now, DesignSpot needs new active senior members to help with voting and to maintain quality submissions. Please do not apply if you think it will be cool to be a senior member, only apply if you are willing to be actively supportive, provide feedback to users and participate in creative discussions.

For all those who want to apply, please provide information about yourself, your creative experience, list of your best work. If you do not provide any information your request will be ignored!


* At least 2 weeks regular membership on DesignSpot
* Active at least once a week (vote, submit work, discuss)
* Provide constructive criticism and feedback (don't vote no and run!)
* Experience in creative fields particularly web design and logotypes
* Understanding of current and on-going innovative trends and standards

Looking forward to checking your requests. Also feel free to share your opinions and suggestions to imrpove the group.

Aziz Natour
DesignSpot Admin
Hello Dear Members,

I would like to let you know that Ivo (the original founder) has decided to promote me to founder as he has been very busy with his work and isn't getting the chance to be as active on the group he built. As of right now, I fully manage and operate the group along with senior members and Ivo on my side.

I have some plans to change a few settings and improve the senior members as half of them aren't active. I will be recruiting professionals in the field to help with the submissions and voting process.

I am open to your ideas and suggestions and would appreciate and might consider them, please speak your mind and let me know what would you like to see in the group and how can it be better.

Thank you
Aziz Natour
Hello dear members,

I am pleased to announce new changes going around with DesignSpot. our group has been growing and reaching new levels. Thus, We have decided to expand the group and give every member a chance to get more involved.


:bulletred: Members: members can now submit work without any troubles. any member can submit up to 3 deviations per week to our galleries. members can also suggest and vote for group favorites. note that members will not be able to vote on deviations to be accepted. this power is given to higher group to maintain and ensure quality.

:bulletred: Senior Members (previously Contributors): this group will include senior members of our group. these members can vote and moderate submitted deviations, nominate submissions to be featured and have access to DesignSpot private discussion boards. we will accept limited number of senior members depending on experience and activity in the group.

:bulletred: Admins: the people who run this group ;).

DD Innovation

We have been in contact with Lilyas, the new GM for Designs & Interfaces, regarding a co-operation of suggestions for Daily Deviations. We will send a number of the finest featured deviations in our group every week to her and there is a chance that one of them will be made a Daily Deviation!

As discussed by the group management. there will be a thread in our discussion board every week for seniors to suggest the best deviations which will be sent to the Gallery Director and eventually we will choose the ones which are worth featuring.

We look forward to your creative submissions which will hopefully be featured one day!

Please tell us what you think of these changes, your opinions matter. we are open to your ideas and suggestions to make this group better and more user-friendly.


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